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Who are we?

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Anamed Malawi Board (nominated in April 2018):

Out of the Local anamed group we formed in April 2018 a anamed Malawi board according to the international constitution an anamed international.

Chairman:  Paul Mphepo,  phone: +265 996 3419 76,  email:

Vice Chair:  because of distances we decided for 2 people, one from Nsanje one from Ntcheu,
Shadrak Goba,  phone: + 265 881 40 24 41
and Trust Chipezayani,  phone: +265 99 779 87 11

Treasurer:  Lusungu Chiromo,  phone + 265 994 21 69 56

Executive Committee:  Sorry Adrian, Gelson Mtinga, Isaiah Komengi,

Anamed Missionaries:
• Karin Schwarz,  phone +265 99 64 74 799,  WhatsApp +49 176 628 75 940,  email:
• Andreas und Debora Dietrich:  phone +265 99 70 858 40,  email:

Missionaries in function as advisor and consultant

AIMS and Goals:

  • Register anamed in our district offices and later in the national level under nutrition and under the natural healing district ministry.
  • We want to develop an anamed shop in a cooperative way.
  • The anamed train the Trainer`s program will go on – the trainers will do more anamed seminar and workshops to make more people aware of anamed, the reach out should be done through various churches.
  • Soon there should be a anamed Malawi convention – whereby we want to invite all up till now known seminar participants.

What we are doing

We are creating awareness at community level about the use of medical plants by conducting anamed seminars and treating people who are seek by using natural medicine.


participants at a seminar

All international anamed semiars are published on the website of anamed international. For national seminars contact us, please.